Slots Rules

If you haven't been to a casino in a while or if you want to try out online slots, but aren't too sure what options exist for you out there, here are several basic slot variations and rules that you should know.

Traditional slot machines had real mechanical reels in them, which spun whenever the handle got turned and then fell on three symbols that went across the very middle, in random. Whenever these three symbols actually matched, it would be considered a win for the player. A lot of slot machines nowadays work digitally, though, where a screen will show the different symbols while a RNG determines where they will land. Some online slots also work on something similar.

The Different Variations

A lot of different kinds of machines exist out there, whether online or traditional, but many differences tend to be cosmetic at best. They might have various symbols or backgrounds, but they have the exact same principle. Here are several variations you might be interested in

If you feed more coins to multiplier games (five coins, most, though sometimes more), you will win more. Every additional coin may even multiply the payout, which means that when three bars payout 10 coins for 1, you will get 50 coins for 5.

Now, in classic slot machine, payouts are only made when three symbols match on the pay line (or whenever you get a special symbol where payouts don't require all three to match). Even though you can see three machine paylines, the bottom and top lines don't give out any returns. In multiple pay line machines, however, these lines can be activated by putting more coins in. Several machines will even let you feed up to nine coins if they have five symbols and payouts for three lines and several angled lines.

Progressive slots are extremely popular today, both online and live because they take the amount that has been invested and placed it into a progressive pot with a difficult to get yet huge jackpot. Everybody who plays progressive machines for the progressive jackpot actually contribute to the pot, so when it gets hit, the amount could total millions. You need to play the most coins for each spin with these machines, though, if you want to qualify for the big jackpot - remember that.