Slots Bonus

There are various kinds of bonus games when it comes to slots: those based on reels and those based on non-reels. The bonus games based on reels refer to bonuses that happen on the reels themselves. They get triggered whenever players get certain feature symbols on the pay line. For a moment, the game is going to pause during this feature. Games based on reels are quite easy. However, they can affect your game quite a bit if you get them. Here are several kinds of bonus games on reels:

  • Free Spins refer to exactly that: a basic bonus wherein players get rewarded with free spins for getting several feature symbols (also known as scatter symbols) on the pay line.
  • Cascades refer to bonus features that get rid of the winning pay line symbols to replace them with others. These will double your odds of winning bonuses or more money.
  • Wild features refer to feature symbols that are placed in place of other symbols and help create pay lines that are winners.
  • Symbol Slide refers to a feature, which lets certain symbols slide through the reels.

Bonus Games Based on Non-Reels

Bonus games that are based on non-reels are far more sophisticated compared to bonus games on reels when it comes to play and graphics. This is why they are usually more exciting, in general. As with reel games, they get triggered by several feature symbols on the pay line. Whenever this occurs, a brand new window will open where players can play mini games and eventually win prizes. These have game themes that are practically endless, but only several kinds of them exist:

  • Pick the Box is highly common and doesn't need special skills or anything - just luck. Players go to another screen where several symbols will appear. The player has to pick certain symbols and try to get bonus prizes out of them.
  • Pick the Box (with Multiple Levels) is just like Pick the Box, aside from the multiple levels. If a player gets a prize out of a box, they move up a level and get to choose from more symbols with prizes. The levels keep going higher until the topmost level is reached.
  • Pick until You Pop, or Pick until You Collect refers to a feature where players keep collecting until they get a booby or pooper symbol to end the game.

Regardless of whether you prefer reel-based or non-reel based slots - or even both - these particular features happen to be great ways to get bonus prizes.