How to Play Basic Craps

If you are new to craps then this game will fascinate you at once. It's not difficult to learn to play basic craps, however you must know that there are many bets in the game. Though, you don't need to learn them all, because mostly they provide bad odds.

Basic Craps

There is no limit to the number of players in basic craps. Lets' find out the main rules for craps.

Craps table is divided into 3 sections. The middle one is for the boxman and for the stickman. Another section is prepared for the dealer and the last one is for players.

The boxman is the boss in this game and watches the whole game attentively to prevent cheating from players. The dealer exchanges the chips, makes payouts and collects bets that have been lost. He also helps to make the bets. The stickman manages with dice.


The table for basic craps also has spots with numbers. If your number is one - you throw the dice first. Players throw the dice in turn. The stickman will give you dice to pick two of them.

Never pick them too long, because you've been watching all the time and the boxman may suggest you are trying to cheat the casino with your own dice. Just as you pick 2 dice - you become a shooter. It also means that the way you throw your dice will influence the outcome of the game and the fate of all other bets.

This first throw is often called the come-out roll. You can win or lose immediately after throwing your first roll or you will start series of more new rolls. But before you made your first roll - you have to place a bet. It can be either basic Pass or Don't Pass Bet.

How to Throw

As long as you've placed your bet, you take your position at the one side of the table. You have to throw the dice so that they must pass the stickman and hit the table from the inside. Your throw must be hard enough. When the dice hit the opposite end of the table you must wait till they stop. This is the only possible way of throwing dice.

All the shooters must follow these rules. When the dice hit the table and they fall back - it means that your roll was correct. The stickman watch the flow of the game constantly.


If your dice total 7 or 11 on your first roll - it is called a "natural" and it means you you've won. The amount of your payout is the bet you've placed on the pass line - Pass Line Bet.

You lose when you receive a Craps - the dice total of 2, 3 or 12. The dealer takes your bet. You continue to roll till 7 totals. There are different odds just like in Blackjack - depending on the dice total you've thrown. Sometimes casinos may double them down. When you win - increase your odds, if not - do not double them.