Privacy Statement

Whenever you enter personal information online, you are bound to be worried about its safety. But with technological assistance and detail planning Our Website has promised to maintain your data with the utmost privacy and security.

What information is collected and why?

In order to browse the website no personal information is required. But in case you download casino software or want to use the other facilities in the website, you will be required to enter your e mail address. The user will also be given specific user name passwords etc. these information might be used by the website to track the download experience of the user and also in order to convey important information regarding the site as and when necessary.

The website and the cookies!

The website specifically uses cookies (an information store), this cookie does not contain any personal information, is valid only for 90 days, and is basically used for tracking the location so that the area influenced by the marketing strategies can be marked.

A digital fort to guard your data

Our Website uses the most advanced technologies to protect any information you have to submit. The pages you visit have been fortified with the 128 bit- Secure Socket Layer encryption which is one of a kind and is the latest and the best sophisticated tool developed for web safety. All transactions you perform in this website are only through the SSL secure pages.

The staffs that access this information are very few, and have been specially trained and qualified. You too have an important role to play in order to safe guard your account, as it cannot be accessed without the specific user name and password; beware of sharing this personal information and keep it as secretive as possible.

Is my personal information shared? If yes then with whom is it shared?

The personal information you submit to the website is under no circumstance sold, rented or even shared. We guarantee safe and secure storage and have very high regards for it.

The company will be forced to share data when it is sold partially or fully.

Can I edit or opt out of the site?

Yes you can easily opt out of the site whenever you feel like. You can either ask for assistance from the customer support via email, or can opt for unsubscribe whenever you find it in the mail text or by simply following the unsubscribe link which accompanies your mail.

How does the website use my information?

Though the information you provide is used basically to study the demographic reach of the company and to track movements; we do keep it under tight locks and provide maximum security possible.

Beware of links

There are several third party links, from advertisements to other facilities. Whenever you enter personal information there, please beware and check the polices they offer, as they might differ and we are not responsible for it.

Be careful, always think twice and read twice before enter personal identifiable details.