Roulette is probably the easiest game to learn in casinos and it can be extremely profitable, too. Two primary roulette types exist, in general: American roulette (double zero) and European roulette (single zero).

As a player, European Roulette would be the better choice because the house edge is lower due to having one less zero, the 00.

Roulette games begin at the table where the betting area and spinning wheel can be found. Depending on which roulette variation is played, the wheel can either have 37 or 38 numbered slots on it.

The game starts after the small ball is spun on the wheel and ends once the ball stops inside a slot. Your goal would be to guess which slot the ball is going to land in. Various betting options exist here.

What Do Zeroes Mean?

Commonly known as European roulette, single zero wheels have 37 slots - 36 numbers and a single zero. By removing this one number, the house edge is actually halved in the middle, making this version the best one to play.

Double zero roulette, on the other hand, is most commonly played in America. The wheel has 38 numbers and the additional zero almost doubles the edge of the house. Because of this, it would be highly advisable for players to play on European tables whenever they can.

The Game Rules

Playing roulette happens to be so simple that you merely have to decide on the amount of your bet and where to place it on the roulette table. With a single bet, you are able to pick a single number to bet on or place one chip to cover a maximum of 18 numbers.

8 different bets exist on a single roulette table, in total, each of which comes with different payout rates and covers various number amounts.

The short 3-number lines are known as board rows, whereas the longer ones, which hold 12 each, are known as columns. Now, the first 5 kinds of bets tend to be placed on numbered spaces or on lines that divide them. These are known as inside bets. Conversely, the last 3 kinds tend to be made on special boxes on the left and under the board. These are known as outside bets.

After placing your bets, the wheel will be spun and the white ball will stop in a numbered slot, eventually. Depending on the bet that you made, you can either lose or win.

Good luck!