Online Gambling Games History

It all has begun in early 70s when card counters implemented specific software for playing Blackjack. When the Internet decade has risen - players from all over the world received an opportunity to play casino gambling games without leaving their homes and offices.

First Casino

It was 1994 when Microgaming Software Company created the first online casino.

The invention of the Internet abilities gave to gamblers huge opportunities in communication. Many great gambling games became available for enjoyment.

Gambling industry grew quickly, which was marked by the inflow of online casinos. Today this industry counts over 2,000 sites with an average income of about $15 Billion dollars. A really great achievement in gambling games industry if remember that it all has started with inconspicuous blackjack software devices.

Many owners of early appeared online casinos wanted to stay anonymous, because there were many attempts to close all those very first casinos. But casino owners were merely dodgy to let this happen.

Many criminal groups wanted to occupy online casinos in order to export money with various hacking methods. So, the online gambling games industry had its own disadvantages.

Online Software

Microgaming and Real Time Gaming were the first software companies that provided their platforms for online casinos. However, there are many others, which decided to develop individual software for their own casino sites. Into these business companies invested large sums of money. In the late 90s the most known companies in this business were Gambling Federation, SlotLand and others.

But with the evaluation of online casinos many gamblers required more gambling games with various bonus systems and rounds of different difficulty. For online casino gambling business online players are the part of their profit, and if the players get what they want - they stay at the single casino again and again. That's how blackjack games, slots and online poker were provided.

Online Casinos Benefits

The payment processing became a huge improvement for online gambling business. The department of payouts took responsibility to manage player's winnings. Another achievement is granted trustworthiness between players and casino. Players can be sure today that all their winnings are honored.

Customer centers nowadays are a must for a reputable online casino. You can address a request 24/7 with free casino numbers, chats at the websites, call backs and emails.